About Beachum Global

Just A Dream

The idea for Beachum Global started in the late 90’s, when Tim Beachum worked at a real estate company doing graphic design. Beachum was intrigued with the thought of starting some sort of internet business. He went on to create a cold calling real estate book entitled “Dialing for Dollars”, which was targeted towards real estate agents.

Unlike most success stories, Beachum launched his first product with less than $200. He would save a few dollars out of each payday while writing his book. Once the book was completed his $200 investment was used to make copy of the pages at the Copy Center. The rest of the money went towards cutting the pages and spiral binding them together. During a recent interview Tim Beachum recalled coming home to his girlfriend excited about his new book. Once she seen it she laughed and went on to tell him he would never sale one copy.

At first Tim admitted that he was a bit distraught after his girlfriend didn’t have any words of encouragement. After stepping back and thinking about it, the incident motivated him even more. During lunch breaks at work he would cold call mortgage companies trying to get them to sponsor a cold calling seminar for real estate agents. He did this for several months before one mortgage company who was already holding a seminar decided to let him open up and pitch his book.

Armed with 50 copies of his book and a room full of 300 real estate agents Tim Beachum gave his pitch. He ended up selling all 50 of his books, and took advance payments for 83 more. At the end of the day Tim Beachum had sold 133 copies of his book at $97 each for a total of $12,901. He immediately launched a website for his book and began pitching it to real estate companies across the United States.

This was the beginning of it all. Tim Beachum went on to launch several hundred websites over the years. In 2008 his son Christopher, decided that he wanted to move from Ohio to Virginia and join his father in building his online business. Christopher was already building a name for himself with his graphic designs and computer programing. In March of 2015 the father son duo launched Beachum Global.

All seemed to be going well until 2016 when the site and the back ups of the site was destroyed by hackers. The father and son team viewed this tragedy as an opportunity to create a bigger and better site for their consumers.

What The Future Holds

Although the core of Beachum Global consists of the father and son duo, there are more than a dozen virtual assistance that work for the company. Tim and Christopher wanted to be more than just another e-commerce company, they wanted to use the Beachum Global platform to provide opportunities for other small business owners.

We are in negotiations with a few small entrepreneurs, one being a guy who is currently making and selling his own fishing lures, and another talented young lady who is making the cutest plushies that you have ever seen. The two entrepreneurs have agreed to be Beachum Global’s first business partners. We are hoping to lunch their products by summer starting with the line of Lew’s Pro Style Baits.

We Are More Than An Online Store… We Are An Online Community

We are adding new features such as ‘Deal of the Day”, and the ‘Birthday Club’.  For Deal of the Day members would be notified via text message of an exclusive offer. Since there will only be a limited supply it will be sold on a first come first serve bases. This will allow our members to get spectacular deals that they would not be able to find elsewhere online.

The Birthday Club, offers individuals a special coupon that you can use ONLY ON YOUR BIRTHDAY to receive special discount offers.

Those are just two of the features that we are currently working on. We have a lot more in the making.