Born Pretty 1Gram Holographic Laser Powder Nail Glitter Rainbow Pigment Manicure Chrome Pigments


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26 in stock


  • 1ã€# BORN PRETTY – Nail powder pigment is high quality rainbow hologram powder, smooth and non-grainy texture.
  • 2ã€# APPLICATION EASY – Black is best for the full mirror effect but a color base can make it do cool things.
  • 3ã€# RECOMMEND – It works best with no-wipe UV Gel Topcoat.
  • 4ã€# PACKAGE CONTENTS – 1 box Nail powder.Weight is approx. 1g.Color is hologram silver.
  • 5ã€# YOU NEED to put a bit of pressure on it in order to make sure it’s burnished in really well. Brush off the excess. If the surface sparkles, it means you didn’t press hard enough.
Brand Introduction:

We are BornPretty .The original inspiration of the name born pretty comes from proverb “each woman is born pretty”. Combining the aim of providing beauty items to the female,we incorporated it into the name “born pretty”.


Weight: Approx. 1g
Material: Powder
Color: Hologram Silver

Package Contents:

1g/box Nail powder


Step 1: apply one coat of regular gel polish (cure)
Step 2: apply one coat of no wipe top coat (cure)
Step 3: Apply the holo powder using the sponge applicator provided
Step 4: lightly wipe the excess powder from the nails themselves, using a napkin
Step 5: apply one thin coat of the no wipe top coat and cure.

Recommended to be used over gel topcoat and sealed with gel top coat. Best used with No Wipe Gel Top Coat

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