Coin Size Spy Audio Recorder with Adjustable Voice Activated Recording, Digital Pro Edition 16GB-1144 Hours Recorder, eXtra Small Listening Device, aTTo-16GB v2


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28 in stock


  • MINI SIZE VOICE ACTIVATED RECORDER – NEW FEATURE: The sensitivity of the voice activated system has 10 levels for easy setting your personal situation of sound level for the device to start recording. That will allow it to record ONLY if somebody talks, the moments of silence being automatically deleted. Portable and very EASY TO HIDE – 0.43in thin.
  • Being a much more complete product than many similar devices on the market, aTTo can also be used by less experienced users as long as they use the factory default setting for this recorder. The default settings are sufficient for a quality voice recording with the sound sensor enabled, with a battery life of about 20 hours. However, we encourage all clients to contact us if they need any information on how the recorder works.
  • aTTo has an UNIQUE DESIGN which is special made not to draw attention as a recorder device. It’s so small that it can be fit almost anywhere you think of. ! 24 hours battery life if fully charged, 1 hour recharging time of Li-Ion included battery, 1144 hours maximum capacity. The records files can be listen with any device which can play audio from a USB flash drive: laptop or PC, smart TV, audio car system etc.
  • PROFESSIONAL DIGITAL VOICE RECORDER – Recording While Charging ( very useful function – can also be USB plug on the computer or power supply, to achieve charging while recording, until the 16GB disk space is full). Date and Time Stamp added on the recordings.NO LIGHTS and other telltale signs. Works with any Computer / MAC — VERY SMALL | ONLY 1.22*1.06*0.43 in, Only 0.31 ounces weight.
  • IF YOU NEED MORE INFORMATION beside the manual to get the most from this device, you can always contact us – response time to our customers is 15 minutes to several hours maximum. Please ask us anything you need, anytime. None of those who gave a negative review have ever contacted us. We offer LIFETIME SUPPORT just for you to be sure that you can do the most with our device.

The Smallest 24 Hours Voice Activated Recorder Ever Built ! Protect The Interests Of Your Person, Family & Business In The Most Reliable Way – Starting Today!

Do you think you have a reason to worry that there’s something going on behind your back?

Are things serious enough that you consider surveillance as a solution, but are wary of the cheap and untrustworthy so-called “spy gadgets” that flood the market?

If you’re looking for a discreet and reliable device, we may just have exactly what you need!

aTTo-16GB HQ Audio Recorder Module – Your Best Shot At Quality Surveillance Gear!

Designed to be subtle and practical, this amazing audio recorder device has a slew of high end features that place it miles ahead of conventional spy gadgets.


Technical Specs:

  • Innovative Password Protected Recordings
  • Display turn off automatically after 10 seconds
  • Minimalist and elegant design, compact format
  • Outer dimensions – 1.22*1.06*0.43 in
  • Weight – 0.31 ounces
  • Battery – rechargeable 120mAh/24 hours in record mode
  • Audio format – .WAV
  • Voice Activated Sensor Built-In + Recording while Charging
  • Recording quality – Selectable 32, 192, 384 or 1536 kbps up to 20 feets
  • Built-in memory 16GB – 1144, 190, 72 or 24 hours (depending on the selected quality)
  • Configurable voice activated sensor
  • Can be used as a 16GB flash drive to keep your private data protected with a 4 digits password
  • TimeStamp on Recordings
  • Operating system -Windows XP/7/8/10, macOS

The package contains:

  • aTTo-16GB digital voice recorder
  • USB cable
  • User’s manual

Take it before you strongly need it. After, could be to late!

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