FC USA Cube-Fidget Grey Toys-6 sided fidget toys for adhd- practical fidget toys for adults or kids- Relieves Anxiety, Stress, Boredom- Includes E-Book “How to Focus and Fidget Less”.


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20 in stock


  • Fidget Toys U.S.A. is the ONLY authorized seller of FC USA Cubes and Fidget Spinners. Confirm “Sold by” is Fidget Toys U.S.A. and “Fulfilled by Amazon” prior to purchase!
  • Guarantee- 110% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee against Material and Workmanship Defects on all fidgets. Money back guarantee is for 60 Days. HASSLE FREE GUARANTEE
  • FC USA Cube has 6 Separate Sides: Spins with a rotating dial. Clicks with 3 buttons that depress & 2 that push silently. Rolls with a 3 tactical gears plus a clickable ball and socket. Glides with a joystick that coasts. Breathe, modeled after worry stones by rubbing for relieving anxiety, and a Switch which is a Toggler. FC USA Cube are fidget toys for autism to divert a person’s attention.
  • Practical: Extremely lightweight, durable, allowing you to take it anywhere. Fits in your Pocket with ease. Great add fidgets for combatting Adhd, Autism, Stress, Anxiety, and Boredom require durability along with quality.
  • Materials are Superior- High quality Silicone, ABS, and Matte material in order for FC USA Cube-fidgets to last long term and feel great on the hands. (This is not Cheap Plastic Material)
Fidget Toys USA is committed to providing great fidget toys and hand fidgets. Our Customers depend on us for quality fidgets. We work for you. Our fidget hand toys come in many varieties in Cubes and Spinners. Our company provides fidget toys for autism, fidget toys for Adhd, fidget toys for adults, and fidget toys for kids. Allow us the opportunity to become the company you turn to for your fidget toy needs. I’m a U.S. Military Veteran whom can relate to those whom depend on Add Fidget Toys and add fidgets. I also have two nephews with Autism whom rely on autism fidget toys to make their lives better. I hope we can provide the finger fidgets to alleviate any stress or anxiety you encounter daily. If you rely on an anxiety fidget toy like myself or any anxiety fidget please don’t hesitate to give us an opportunity to serve you. Fidget Toys USA is committed to packing our products by American workers and Military Veterans, also included is an E-Book “How to focus and Fidget Less”. We decided to focus on the best quality Materials and Manufacturer. FC USA Fidget Cube never discolors, feels great in hand and does not feel like cheap plastic. All buttons work with ease. We are customer driven. Our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee is against Material and Workmanship Defects. Our product is the Ultimate fidget that helps in the relief of anxiety or stress while feeling great in your hand. Teachers have referred to our product as “the fidget toys for ADHD or fidget toys for autism”. All of our fidgets are used to help focus. FC USA Cube maybe used at work, school, watching television, commuting on the train or bus, while studying, in a meeting, nearly anywhere. Not Quiet enough to use in a class room in session. Fidget Toys U.S.A. is not only committed to providing great Fidget Toys we are also committed to supporting social programs in the U.S..

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