Fidget Toys (10 Pack) for Kids & Adults + Adjustable Wristband, Increase Focus and Relieves Stress, ADD, ADHD, Autism & OCD – Mesh and Glass Marble – Sensory Tools for School + eBook by Oak-A-Feel


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24 in stock


  • FOCUS Give your floating attention something to do! A relaxing therapy set, the fidget toys help people with an abundance of energy to increase focus and relieve stress or anxiety. In addition, they are really beneficial for people with ADHD, ADD, OCD or Autism.
  • HIGHLY RECOMMENDED By teachers and therapists, these fidget toys are great sensory tools for kids and adults and can be used in the classroom to achieve and sustain better focus. Our offer comes with a fun EBOOK for kids and adults, that will ignite your inner creativity, reduce anxiety and increase focus. All you have to do is open your mind and enjoy!
  • UTILITY By sliding the smoothing marble back and forth or up and down, playing with the extra elastic strap, and using the wristband, you can relieve stress and anxiety by keeping your fidgety fingers happily occupied. They can also be used while waiting your turn at the doctor or for improving your concentration while on the job. You can even use them to relieve flight anxiety and will help you relax on a plane.
  • FEATURES The fidget toys will arrive in a beautiful box and are made of a very durable and resistant material, which prevents the marble from popping out and are BPA free. We’ve tested them, users have loved them, and now it is your turn to try them out! The fidget toys are easy to clean by merely rinsing them under water or throwing them in with the laundry (just be sure to never use high heat to dry).
  • DISCOVER The benefits of fidget toys and start improving your everyday quality of life. If you are not completely satisfied with the product, you will receive a full refund 100% SATISFACTION MONEY BACK GUARANTEED! Factory warranty is only available from authorized sellers. Oak-A-Feel is the only authorized seller, so purchases made through unauthorized resellers will not fall under the manufacturer’s warranty.
We are proud to introduce you our new designed fidget toys! If you are a kid or an adult (remember you’re still a kid inside), playing with our new Fidget Toys will keep your hands busy and your mind focused. Give our new fidget toys a try! Feel them in your hand, squeeze, pull, bend and twist them, so that you can relieve stress and anxiety as a way to keep fidgeting fingers busy. Everybody likes a quality brand product, so we carefully tested this fidget toys to meet the highest standards. It is easy to use with our elegant elastic and adjustable wristband, you will never lose your favorite color. The fidget toys are 3.5” in length and the joy of this design is how well it fits into your hand. We like to do things better and different so you will have 5+1 fidget toys that have the elastic string and 5 more without the elastic string, but very colorfully. High quality packaging box that is perfect if you want to surprise somebody with a great gift and share this premium product with him or her. Our friends and family liked this new fidget toy very much. They helped us to test the product and they were just fantastic. We just want to use this opportunity and say that we love them and that we thank them for their great smile and support! 🙂

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